Our commitment to giving back to our community and to those in need stems from an underlying philosophy that believes a business is only really successful when employees and society benefit alongside shareholders. For this reason, our owning company, The Premier Group of Companies, has founded and actively supports a number of charitable organizations that benefit less advantaged members of society. These include the Yuvabhadhana Foundation which offers scholarships for children from poor families across Thailand, Pan Kan, which resells donated second hand items to support children’s education and Food 4 Good, which offers funding towards nutritious meals for children in disadvantaged circumstances. Explore this page to learn more about our charities and foundations.

Yuvabadhana Foundation

Yuvabadhana Foundation was started two decades ago under the care of Rayavadee’s owning company, the Premier Group of Companies, with the purpose of providing education scholarships to students of limited financial means. There are currently over 3 million disadvantaged children living below the poverty line in Thailand and over 800,000 young people who have to leave school to work once they are finished with the compulsory primary level of studies. Forced into the labor market at a young age, they do not get the education


Pan Kan

Pan Kan – “Where Buying Is Giving"

'Pan Kan' in Thai means giving and sharing. And the Pan Kan retail shop is based upon the concept of a sharing society where giving is a reward that benefits everyone. Founded in 2000, Pan Kan is a place where donations of second hand clothing, household items and books are resold at reasonable prices in order to raises funds to support children’s scholarships at the Yuvabadhana Foundation. We each have so many


Food 4 Good

Established in 2014 with a mission of improving health and wellness through nutrition for underprivileged children in Thailand, Food4Good was founded as a collaborative effort between 7 restaurants. Today the network has grown to 20 restaurants with over 400 branches spread across Thailand. Participating restaurants are using their businesses as a means by which to solve the pressing problem of undernourishment and lack of